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Terms of Use

1.    General

Sporty.qa owns and operates this website (Website).

2.    Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions (Website Terms & Conditions), as they apply to your use of the Website.  Your access and use of the Website is conditional upon your acceptance and compliance with these Website Terms & Conditions.

Your use and/or continued access to the Website constitutes your acceptance of, and agreement to, the Website Terms & Conditions.

We may amend the Website Terms & Conditions at any time.  Such amendments will be effective immediately upon being uploaded to this Website. Your continued use of the Website is deemed to be acceptance of the amended Website Terms & Conditions.

General Provisions
2.1. The Online Betting Rules provide the legal basis for placing bets as defined herein.
2.2. The sporty.qa customer shall verify whether his/her participation in the betting activities complies with the
laws of the country in which he/she resides. Sporty.qa shall not be responsible if the customer uses the
services offered by Sporty.qa in violation of the law applicable in a given territory.
2.3. Placing bets by persons under the age of 18 is not permitted. For this purpose, before a potential
player is allowed to participate in betting, the Bookmaker shall verify his/her age and identity. The
details of verification are described in point 6.
2.4. Persons who have been banned from gambling under a court order (Art. 99 of the Act) are also
prohibited from participating in betting .

2.5. The Rules only apply to players who are authorised to place bets in accordance with the provisions of
the Rules.
2.6. All bets accepted by the Bookmaker shall be valid only if the Rules have been complied with.
2.7. If the customer fails to comply with any of the provisions of the Rules or the circumstances referred
to in point 2.9 occur, the Bookmaker shall have the right to close the customer's sporty.qa Account.
2.8. The customer has the right to close his/her sporty.qa Account at any time without giving a reason.
2.9. If the sporty.qa Account is closed either by the customer or the Bookmaker, sporty.qa shall transfer the balance
of the account to an account held by the customer and indicated by the customer within 7 business
days from the day following the day of closing the sporty.qa Account.

2.9.1 The Bookmaker has the right to suspend the withdrawal of funds and/or block the Customer's sporty.qa
Account if:
a) it is suspected that the sporty.qa Account is used by an unauthorised person; or
b) it is suspected that the customer committed a crime or a criminal offence, in particular a crime
against the credibility of documents or against property.
c) the Bookmaker receives information about a possible crime or offence committed by the customer
or in relation to the customer's sporty.qa Account from payment institutions, banks, law enforcement
agencies or other authorised institutions.
The withdrawal of funds will be suspended and/or the sporty.qa Account will be blocked until it is confirmed
that the funds held in the sporty.qa Account will be paid to an authorised person and no crime or offence
will be committed.
2.9.2. The Bookmaker will not withdraw funds from the sporty.qa Account if it is found out that the following
circumstances occurred:
a) the sporty.qa Account is used by an unauthorised person, or
b) the customer committed a crime or an offense, or
c) the customer violated the provisions of the Rules or the Act.

2.9.3. The Bookmaker reserves the right to refuse to withdraw the funds assigned to the sporty.qa Account if the
player has not used at least 100% of the funds deposited to place bets.
2.9.4. sporty.qa reserves the right to request information from the customer with respect to the source of assets
that are at the customer's disposal in a business relationship or transaction.

3.    Limitation of liability

We make no representations or warranties in relation to this Website or any of its content.

We are not liable to you or any other person for any loss or damage suffered (whether direct or indirect) in connection with the use of this Website.

If you place any reliance on this Website or its content, then you do so at your own risk.

The internet cannot be regarded as totally secure.  Accordingly, any information which you transmit to us via this Website is transmitted at your own risk.

Any external linked sites or material within this Website are not under our control and we do not take responsibility for the content of those sites.  We do not sponsor, support, endorse or approve any external linked sites.

To the extent permitted by law, we exclude any liability which may arise as a result of the use of this Website.

By using this Website you agree to fully indemnify us for any loss or liability arising out of your use of this Website.

3.1. The customer shall verify that the details of the bet are correct. Once bets have been placed and their
acceptance has been confirmed by being entered into the database, they cannot be changed by the
3.2. sporty.qa shall accept a bet placed by the customer provided that:
3.2.1. the Customer has not been prohibited from placing bets under the terms of his/her
employment contract and due to the fact of being a shareholder of sporty.qa.
3.2.2. the Customer has no prior knowledge of the outcome of the event that is the subject of the
3.2.3. By attempting to place a bet with sporty.qa, the Customer declares that two above-mentioned conditions
have been met.
3.2.4. If the Customer's representation relating to the fulfilment of the above-mentioned conditions proves
to be false, the Customer's stake shall be refunded and the Bookmaker shall not be obliged to pay out
any winnings which would otherwise be payable.

4.    Intellectual property

Intellectual property (including copyright) in all content of this Website is owned by sporty.qa, unless stated otherwise.

This Website content must not be reproduced, distributed, adapted, transmitted or stored in a retrieval system without our prior written consent.

We make no warranties or representations that any external linked sites in this Website do not infringe the intellectual property rights of a third person.

5.    Privacy Policy

These Website Terms & Conditions must be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which is available here.

6.    Termination of access

We may terminate access to this Website at any time without notice.

Our limitation of liability and your indemnity in favour of us, as detailed in item 3 above, survive any such termination.

7.    Updating of Website

We reserve the right to update our Website at any time.

8.    Lawful purposes only

You agree to use our Website for lawful purposes only.

9.    Governing law

This Website and its use are governed by the laws of North Macedonia. You submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of North Macedonia in connection with the Website and its use, and these Website Terms & Conditions.

Start Times

1.    All dates and times published by sporty.qa are indicative only. Wagers will be accepted by sporty.qa up to:

a.    the official start time of the event; or

b.    A time as decided by sporty.qa.

2.    If a wager is inadvertently accepted after the official event start time, the wager will be deemed invalid and the member refunded the full amount of the wager.


1.    Unless agreed otherwise by sporty.qa and customer at the time of making the sports bet, all sports bets will be settled on the official or podium positions as per the adjudication of the relevant recognised governing body. Subsequent disqualification, promotion of competitors, or any other amendment to the results will be ignored for settlement purposes.

2.    In the event of a Dead-Heat or draw, where such an option was not offered for betting purposes, the ticket will be paid out at face value divided by the number of Dead-Heating winners of the event ("Dead Heat Rule")

1.    If any declared events betting event is cancelled prior to its commencement, or abandoned, sporty.qa shall refund all declared events bets.

2.    'All-In' means that regardless of whether a competitor, team or member of a team starts or completes the event on which a bet is placed, all bets stand, and no refunds will be payable.

3.    We reserve the right to suspend any or all betting on an event at any time without notice.

4.    In the event for which betting is available, place ties will be paid such that the Place portion of the face value of the ticket is multiplied by the remaining number of places available and divided by the number of competitors tying for those available number of placings.

5.    Where a declared events betting event results in a tie, draw or dead heat and prices are offered within the relevant declared events betting market on that declared events betting event for a tie, draw or dead heat, the outcome shall be determined excluding any extra time, replay or other contingency necessary to determine an official result and any declared events bet for a result other than a tie, draw or dead heat will be deemed to have lost.

6.    If the result of a declared events betting event is declared with joint winners or placegetters and a tie, draw or dead heat is not a form of betting offered by sporty.qa on that event, the revised payout shall be calculated by the following method:

a.    divide the face value of the declared events betting ticket (the original payout) by the number of competitors involved in the tie, draw or dead heat, then

b.    multiply the figure obtained in (a) by the number of official placings to be filled by the competitors figuring in the tie, draw or dead heat.

7.    Unless agreed otherwise by sporty.qa and customer at the time of making the bet, the specific sport rule listed below applies.


a.    Results will be based on the official result at ringside. Results are not official for betting purposes until verified by officials at the fighting venue. If for some reason this cannot be clarified, then and only then will reference will be made to www.boxrec.com for settlement purposes. Should an official or unofficial sanctioning body overturn a fight decision based on an appeal, suspension, lawsuit, drug testing result, or any other fighter sanction will not be recognized for betting purposes.

b.    In the event of a draw when the draw option is not offered, the Dead Heat Rule will apply.

c.    Should a contest be postponed, bets will stand for 48 hours. Once the 48 hrs have expired, all single bets are void and wagers will be refunded. Affected MultiBets will be recalculated excluding that event or leg.

d.    In the event of a 'no contest' being declared during the bout all bets will be made void, except for selections where the outcome has already been determined.

e.    Should there be a substitution for one of the boxers, bets on the original contest will be void.

f.    Should there be a change in the advertised contest, e.g. a contest changes from a title fight to a non-title fight, bets will stand.

g.    Round Betting:

i.    Where a boxer fails to answer the bell for the next round, his opponent shall be deemed to have won the contest in the previous round.

ii.    Should for any reason the scheduled number of rounds be changed before the commencement of the contest, all round by round bets will be void.

iii.    Where a contest finishes before the completion of the schedule number of rounds and the winner is decided by the judges' scorecards (technical decision/technical draw) then all round bets will be deemed losers.

iv.    If the contest goes to the scorecards, then all round bets will be deemed losers.

v.    Where a contest finishes before the scheduled number of rounds due to an accidental injury and the winner is not determined by the judges’ scorecards, all bets will be void, unless the result has already been determined.

vi.    For "Total Rounds" settlement purposes where half a round is stated then 1 minute 30 seconds of the respective round will define the 'half' to determine under or over. If the number of rounds for a fight is changed after this market has been set, then all bets will be void.

vii.    For "Go the Distance" market, should the scheduled number of rounds change, this market will be made void. In the result of a technical decision, the fight will have been deemed NOT to have gone the distance (the scheduled number of rounds.)

h.    Method of Victory:

i.    Market will be settled according to the official result as declared at ringside except for a Technical Draw. Should this be announced given an accidental injury within the first four rounds forcing an early stoppage the market will be settled as void.

ii.    Knockout (KO) is when the boxer does not stand up after a ten count. Technical knockout (TKO) is the three knockdown rule or if the referee steps in when it is decided that a fighter cannot safely continue to fight. If a fighter fails to answer a bell for the next round, then this will also be deemed a TKO. For betting purpose, KO/TKO option also includes disqualification (DSQ) and retirement (RTD.)

i.    Technical Decision/Draw:

i.    If a fight is scheduled for more than four rounds and an accidental foul occurs causing an injury severe enough for the referee to stop the fight after four rounds have occurred the fight will result in a technical decision or TD awarded to the boxer who is ahead on the score cards at the time the fight is stopped.

ii.    If the injury occurs from an accidental injury within the first 4 rounds all bets will be made void UNLESS the result has already been determined, or if the judges’ scorecards are used to determine a winner.

iii.    If an intentional foul causes an injury and the injury results in the fight being stopped in a later round, the injured boxer will win by technical decision if he is ahead on the score cards.

iv.    For betting purposes betting on rounds or group of rounds is for a fighter to win by KO, TKO or disqualification during that round or group of rounds. In the event of a technical decision before the end of the fight all bets will be settled as a win by decision. Round bets will be deemed losers.

v.    If an intentional foul causes an injury and the injury results in the fight being stopped in a later round, the fight will result in a 'technical draw' if the injured boxer is behind or even on the score cards. This will result in a draw being deemed the winner for betting purposes.

j.    In the event of a draw when the draw option is not offered, the Dead Heat Rule will apply.

Final Provisions

1. Sporty.qa will cancel any bet placed, including settled bet in the event of a reasonable suspicion of collusion between the Players and / or customers of Sporty.qa Accounts, which is manifested by the fact that different customers have made bets with identical or very similar types within a short period of time. or the occurrence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers which, because of the bonus or promotional offer, will guarantee them a profit irrespective of the outcome of the event or events involved in the bet.

2. Sporty.qa reserves the right to limit the acceptance of bets on any given event. Sporty.qa reserves the right to refuse a bet or part of a bet without giving any reason. In addition, Sporty.qa reserves the right to close the client's sporty.qa Account and refund the amount from this account without giving any reason.

3. The territory of North Macedonia is considered to be the place of the establishment. All rules regarding, inter alia, Arranging bets, settling disputes, submitting and considering complaints are regulated by the law of North Macedonia. Any dispute between sporty.qa and the customer is subject to the jurisdiction of the North Macedonian courts.